With the new year, I have resolved to take this entity slightly more seriously. While my core consulting business in northern Colorado and throughout the world will remain largely the same – I have decided to begin.. participating.. a little more in the world that makes my life manageable and successful. With this I mean, the Internet, and primarily the end user with whom I assist.

Like many IT professionals, I rely heavily on the rest of the world to find, solve, and document solutions to any and all queries I may receive, and I have not been disappointed. For years you all have delivered to me countless solutions to problems I have never encountered and pray never to encounter again. However, should that happen, I know that I can always whip up a relevant Google search string and cash in on all of your hard work. So, I have decided to start giving back. This will come in the form of Tips & Tricks I am fortunate enough to pioneer or enhance, as well as product and service reviews for pretty much anything. I will retain my “Jack of all trades” mentality with the scope, and therefore won’t limit entries within the realm of “Computers and Electronics”. Hopefully these will be useful to a few souls out there in the ether. Happy New Year!

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