iSee iSay Farm Animals Now Available!

That’s right, the second deck from iSee iSay and we’ve taken it to the farm! This one is running on a new shell too, which is actually a Universal iPhone, iPad shell. This means iSee iSay will know the device is an iPad and will actually display properly (rather that in ultra small mode) on

iSee iSay Vehicles Now Available!

Learning and fun in one! iSee iSay Vehicles will have your little one recognizing vehicles, the sounds they make, and how to spell for a variety of common vehicles! Large buttons make it easy for your quick learner to identify fire engines, ambulances and more, in no time! * 10 vehicles to listen to and

iCognito Version 1.0.1

I am pleased to announce iCognito Version 1.0.1.  This version is available for purchase and upgrading as of this morning – January, 21 2011!  Please visit the iTunes store at the following link: Click Here What’s New in Version 1.0.1 – Bug Fixes for Test Mode and Hands Free Mode – Countdown timer for Test

iCognito Version 1.0 is now available!

I am pleased to announce my first iPhone App!  Read all about it below, and download by clicking here! iCognito is an app that grants two users the ability to practice “Virtual Telepathy”. This means that you can communicate to each other using basic gestures while your iPhone remains in the front pocket of your

Hard Drive Recovery

Digital storage has become one of the most convenient and paradigm shifting technologies for businesses and individuals alike.  The ability to store, organize, and quickly retrieve and analyze photos, tax documents, and schoolwork allows us to work quickly, efficiently and effectively, and it doesn’t take up any of that wall space which was previously occupied by a bank of filing cabinets.

However, when hard drives fail, or optical media gets scratched, it is easy to curse this technology.  While backup systems will always protect you from this type of disaster, it usually takes a loss of data before the investment seems prudent.

Fortunately there is a faint glimmer of hope for those affected by digital storage media failure.