iCognito - Click to downloadI am pleased to announce my first iPhone App!  Read all about it below, and download by clicking here!

iCognito is an app that grants two users the ability to practice “Virtual Telepathy”. This means that you can communicate to each other using basic gestures while your iPhone remains in the front pocket of your jeans. No need to see, hear or type on your iPhone. When connected through iCognito, you and your partner are indeed, Joined at the Hip!

iCognito allows two users to connect via local Bluetooth wireless. When connected they can send and receive messages just like any standard chat room app. However, if they enable ‘Hands Free’ mode, iCognito will begin listening to and sending DOT and DASH messages that will trigger their partner device to receive the appropriate vibration signal. This ‘Virtual Telepathy’ allows two users to communicate without touching, seeing or hearing their device. They simply need to place it in their pants pocket where they can feel incoming iCognito messages.

The applications for iCognito are endless. Imagine communicating secretly to your friend during a double date, or signaling discretely to your spouse when it is time to leave a party. iCognito is a useful app for any situation that requires subtle, and secret communication.

As with anything that requires physical action, iCognito works best when you and your partner have practiced. Before using this App in a live situation, be sure to calibrate, and practice communicating in ‘Hands Free Mode’. It is a lot of fun to think about and practice what combination of DOT and DASH gestures will mean “Time to go!”, or “He’s a dud!” The more you practice, the more reliably iCognito works, and the more diverse your DOT/DASH vocabulary will become.

Thanks for your support!
The initial release of iCognito is fairly bare bones. I have some pretty cool ideas for future releases of iCognito, so please let your friends and family know about this cool App. If the interest exists – you can be sure I will put the time aside to add some great new features!

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