That’s right, the second deck from iSee iSay and we’ve taken it to the farm!

This one is running on a new shell too, which is actually a Universal iPhone, iPad shell. This means iSee iSay will know the device is an iPad and will actually display properly (rather that in ultra small mode) on an iPad. iSee iSay Vehicles will get an update soon as well, and will get this new shell plus some extra features. Enjoy!

It is now available through the iTunes App Store –

iSee iSay Farm Animals will have your little one recognizing animals, the sounds they make, and how to spell for a variety of common farm animals!

Large buttons make it easy for your quick learner to use the app and identify cows, chickens, goats and more! Gives a new, realistic take on the game “what does a cow say?”

* Beautiful photos of animals!
* Real animal sounds!
* Easy enough for kids even under a year old!

We already know your child reaches for your iPhone, with iSee iSay Farm Animals let them have fun and learn without knowing it!

If you and your child enjoy iSee iSay Farm animals, please let us know and rate the app, we love to hear your feedback!

Please check out our other application, iSee iSay Vehicles – Tractors, fire engines, and more!

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