Finally, a replacement for Notepad

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For the past decade or so, I have been stuck using the default Notepad application that comes pre-installed on every Windows computer. For my purposes, the ‘Development Suite’ applications such as the MS ‘Visual’ tools and other development environments are too much – heavy and complicated. As I am usually working on a single file containing HTML, JAVA or PHP code, Notepad was a sufficient solution due to its lightweight and very simple interface – just type! However, longing for the days when I programmed with Emacs on a Unix system – led me to do a little research to find a similar tool that could highlight syntax and make the coding more human readable with, you know, colors and indentations and stuff. This is when I discovered Notepad++

New Computer? Old Computer? CCleaner!

[Originally posted at] I am often asked these two questions. I have a new computer, how can I remove all the CRAP that came preinstalled? I have an older computer, how can I speed it up? I will share with you a little IT secret, and that is CCleaner. In short, this program optimizes

Wireless Power!?

Maybe it is just a sign of the times, but I loathe wires.  While in college I collected a number of super long Ethernet cables (typically from scouring the central computing building’s surplus bins) so that could “wire” one apartment or house and then the next during my long career as a student.  I didn’t care if a cable ran around a room, out a door, taped to the wall of a stairwell, down the hall and finally connecting to our community switch – it was all about functionality – and besides, I wasn’t overly concerned about the aesthetics of a rental property.  Now, however, I own a house and have pride in these silly things – I want stuff to look good – and this usually means having less wires, flashing lights and god knows what else laying all over the place.  I love a nice clean habitat.

Finally …

With the new year, I have resolved to take this entity slightly more seriously. While my core consulting business in northern Colorado and throughout the world will remain largely the same – I have decided to begin.. participating.. a little more in the world that makes my life manageable and successful. With this I mean,