[Originally posted at http://rydberg.biology.colostate.edu/sites/bioit/2009/11/17/new-computer-old-computer-ccleaner]

I am often asked these two questions.

I have a new computer, how can I remove all the CRAP that came preinstalled?

I have an older computer, how can I speed it up?

I will share with you a little IT secret, and that is CCleaner. In short, this program optimizes your system, by removed “crapware” that comes preinstalled on your new machine, cleaning up your Windows registry, as well as trashing temporary files that are not needed. Oh, and it is totally free! So, the next time you want to optimize an older computer, or polish up your brand new machine by wiping that crapware off – give CCleaner a try. The only drawback is for Mac users, since this is a Windows only computer. Luckily Macs don’t come with much crapware – so you shouldn’t be too disappointed.


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